1 Session Spread over 6 months

This awesome family won a family photo session with me in the online auction of our kid’s preschool. We planned a date in the fall to ride the train downtown, get some donuts and enjoy them in the park on Michigan avenue. I brought my kids along for the train ride and the plan was for them to separate with Jason while I did their photo session.

All good, right?

It was, until I left my camera bag on the train. With my lens, flash and wallet in it. Luckily I had my camera out as I was taking pictures on the train, and so that stayed with me. BUT I couldn’t really continue the session while I panicked about getting my stuff back.  I was calling stations, the cops, credit card companies to cancel things. The session didn’t go as planned as my kids ended up boycotting their family time while Jason waited at the train to get more information.

So I promised them we would make up the session another time because it wasn’t a session I would ever want to deliver to someone.

Then winter happened. And then schedules got crazy. BUT then we got things aligned to meet in May. We chose a spot close to our neighborhood, and enjoyed the day.

This family is why I bought the cargo bike I did. B is much much more hardcore than I am as she pretty much rides her bike every day to school and back. Me not so much in the freezing winter….but maybe with Veronica being older next year I’ll be able to ride some of those colder days.

A big thank you to this family for understanding and letting me get a second session in! I had a great time both times!

AND my camera bag was returned to me by a CTA employee who found it in the garbage! What! I couldn’t believe it. I had given up hope that it would be found and she had found my stuff, checked my wallet to get my address and was waiting at my house when we got back. Crazy!

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