A lovely Sunday for a local family

I had the chance to take pictures of another family who’s kids attend the same elementary school as my daughter. In fact they used to live a few houses down (in the house our good friends purchased in December…small world!), but stayed in the district. They wanted some headshots for the Dad and then a set of family shots. We started at their beautiful home (on the river!), and then went to our school’s community garden and playground before going back to their house.

The brother sister relationship here was so fantastic because I see a lot of the same behavior with my older kids. The love for each other is strong but also a little bit of “OMG! STOP!” I loved catching a few of those moments with my lens.

I love having the opportunity to take pictures of local families. It’s one of my favorite sessions to do :). The feeling of living in a small town with this community grows every day.

Happy fall everyone!

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