A Big Welcome to Miss. Evie Louise

We live in this great neighborhood in Lincoln Square on Chicago’s Northside. When we moved in we instantly met all the people in the building next to us. There is the young couple on the top floor that alerted us to the fact that there was a raccoon sleeping on our roof (seriously like 2 days after we closed, being a city girl I was and still am unsure what to do with that information). Then on the second floor is Steve and Andree with their two little boys Will (who is a few months older than Lucy) and Charlie who was born two weeks after Calvin. On the first floor is Nick and Sarah who are from England. When we met them in March, Sarah was pregnant and due in August. After one of the hottest summer on record, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl who they named Evie Louise.

Nick and Sarah are two of the nicest people I have met in my 30-something years on the planet and their little girl was just a sampling of the two of them. She was super alert and calm for the entire time I was taking her picture. Hardly any fussing, and looked right at me, somehow seeming like she was saying, “Yep, I’m here and I love posing for your camera.”

Thanks to Nick and Sarah for letting me spend some time with them and their little one only a few days after she was born.

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  • Sarah

    Love these pictures more than words could describe. Thanks so much Leah, maybe you have the calming touch as she isn’t that peaceful right now the little munchkin. Perhaps I should whip out a camera and hope the puts on her star visageReplyCancel

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