A Day After School

Well I’m still alive! Hi! How are you?

I’ve been crazy busy these days with a large art installation that I’m putting together for my daughter’s school. I say “I” but by “I” I mean “we” where “we” is my good friend Nicole and I. There will be a whole post about this project in the near future. In short, we are trying to get as many students as possible to paint a wood block. Believe me it’s cool. It doesn’t sound cool in that sentence, but it’s so cool it’s frozen.

I am determined to take my “real” camera with me more. It’s pretty heavy and really the iPhone, SO easily fits in my back pocket (until said phone sitting in said back pocket fell out of back pocket when this photographer went to the bathroom…at least it was only 2 weeks after I dropped a weight on a phone at the gym…me and phones in January weren’t so good).

ANYWAYS. I took my “real” camera on a walk to the park. I love LOVE to watch my kids interacting. They are all really close and Veronica is just super keen on being where they are and doing what they are doing. Rocky lately has been having fun with her. While we were at the park, he dragged her off the bottom of the slide she was trying to climb. I talked to him about being more gentle with her, and how he can’t just drag her. He said, “BUT MOM someone was going to slide down the slide into her!” hastag protectivebigbrother hashtag proudmama

As always a goal to write more here, not just the professional sessions I have, although those will be featured, but more about our general lives. We have a lot going on that should be talked about…like,  what the hell is an occupational therapist and does my three year old son need one? Veronica still only growls, should I be worried? Navigating CPS with the support of the most amazing community of people I’ve ever been a part of (I mean really….we are lucky).

So stay tuned. Next up some discussion of this large ass art installation.

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  • nicole

    The everyday moments are so special, beautiful photos! You are an awesome mom.ReplyCancel

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