A Day at the Beach

I am so in love with the fact that this post is dated January 4th and the pictures were taken on Mother’s Day (May 8th) last year. I mean…to say the year was busy might be an understatement. But just because we are at the start of winter doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming about summer and beach days and so I thought it would be a nice reminder that summer will again come to us.

This day was hilarious because I love going to the beach on Mother’s Day, and Veronica was *a lunatic*. I mean running into the water full speed. In Chicago. At the beginning of May. And not caring about it at all. Like, she wanted more, I think she would have been happiest if we had let her do some full on swimming. Ok fine, she eventually fell in the water, but was like that was cool, let’s do that again.

We found out just how much she loved the lake over the summer when she would frequently go deeper and deeper (with a parent of course) until she was underwater and trying to swim. And coming up and saying “More. More. MORE”.

This was also about a week after Rocky’s 4th birthday and so it was kind of like his yearly photoshoot, so there is a slight focus towards him.

So with that, here at the beginning of winter, enjoy some pictures of the lake and know we will again be there again.

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