Hi! My name is Leah Rieger, and here’s a little bit about myself.

My background is not in photography, but has been a hobby of mine since high school when I took a photography class instead of taking AP Physics. I went onto to college to discover that I did really love physics and decided to major in it.

I was randomly assigned to some guy in my first physics lab glass. Turns out it was a good pairing as I married him a short 6 years later. In fact I’ve now known him for 17 years. Shut the front door. That’s almost half my life…almost!

We moved to Chicago the summer we got married while working on our PhD in physics at Fermilab. Since being a graduate student pays nothing we trained for the marathon many years in a row (if you can afford the running shoes and the entry fee the training is free). We did all the training together and it was a really fun way to spend the summers in Chicago.

Since then we’ve had three kids, moved from Wrigleyville to the Ukrainian Village to Lakeview to Lincoln Square, where we now live in a little white house. A house that’s been around since 1910 I might add.

The kids are Lucille (Lucy), Calvin (Rocco is his middle name and goes by Rocky), and the baby, Veronica (who goes by ‘V’ because really the four syllables of her full name are a mouthful).

The husband is Jason. He works downtown using his advanced degree as a software developer for a finance company.

And then there’s me. A little bit of photography, my hands are still in the physics as I work part time for Fermilab (after having the third baby working full time was impossible), a bit of running and a whole lot of laughing.