An Afternoon After School, A Morning Before School

I started this post on Tuesday night, and now it’s Friday so there you go. I’ve been busy this week with work for Fermilab preparing for a talk I’m giving remotely at a meeting happening in England in about an hour. I wear a lot of hats….photographer, physicist, running, mom, wife, coloring book colorer extraordinaire (oh have you not gotten on the coloring book thing yet? You should!). 

On Tuesday afternoons Lucy takes a swimming lesson at the gym near our house. I feel like it’s a good sport for many reasons….the main one being that when I was pregnant with Veronica I realized I couldn’t have three un-functional kids in the water and only two adults so we signed her up. But she likes the lessons and she’s getting good (pretty sure she’s already a better swimming than her dad…and by “pretty sure” I mean “she is”) so we keep up with it.

Tuesday was a long day for the kids, Rocky and Veronica stayed home with Grandma while I went to get Lucy from school and followed by taking her to swimming, so she didn’t see her siblings from when they left for school until almost 5pm. Rocky and Lucy are thicker than thieves and so when they saw each other on the sidewalk they started screaming and running towards each other. I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough, but good to know that Monkey was able to join in the reunion hug as well.

Lucy then went and tackled her little sister, who was like, ok, I love you and all but oh my god let me move! Veronica always has a sibling in her face, knocking her over, etc. She’s going to be one tough cookie when she grows up.

Yesterday was my birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) and my Dad and stepmom gave me this cool attachment for my phone called Exolens. It’s an attachment you can slide on your phone to have two different lenses to attach to your iPhone. I take a lot of pictures on my phone (you don’t follow leahriegerphotogry on instagram? you should!), and had some fun this morning on the way to school playing with the fisheye attachment. These photos were edited with VSCOcam. I do believe the best camera you have is the one you have with you. My biggest problem with the iPhone is I tend to take a lot of photos but they don’t get moved off my phone, so it’s something I’m working on getting better with.

And thus here we are at Friday. Fun weekend ahead for us. We are running the Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve injured my foot so have taken this week off. Going for a two mile run today and three tomorrow to wake my muscles up and hopefully kick the pants off the race. Also big weekend for us Cubs fans! Jason and I are going to the game Sunday night. Should be crazy. Hopefully we sweep the weekend and make the end of the season super exciting. Go Cubs!

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