An Afternoon

To say I haven’t been posting much would be an understatement. Dragging my big camera around with the three kids has just seemed impossible since a lot of the time I’m carrying Veronica in a carrier, so then a camera banging around my neck is a lot of added weight AND of course trying to take a picture with her head up in my grill doesn’t work.

But anyways there is no excuse for not taking said camera when I take the kids out via the stroller. And so let’s get back into this thing that I love doing. Watching my kids, and capturing them as themselves. Them climbing trees, eating cookies, getting filthy (the good kind of dirt!), and finding friends at the park.

We are finally fully into spring (we think…this is Chicago after all). The flowers and trees are all blooming and are delightful.

While Lucy was climbing the tree at the park her friend said, “I don’t think that’s safe.” and Lucy responded, “It’s ok. I’m a great tree climber.” Literally the first time I have actually seen her climb a tree, but way to have confidence kid. I loved (loved!) climbing trees when I was a kid so it’s fun to watch her do the same.

Rocky has just turned three and is turning into such a cool little kid. He’s still got the crazy, but he’s also got the hilarious and the biggest heart in the world. Whenever anyone leaves our house he makes sure to give them a hug and a kiss.

Veronica continues to be a smiling happy kid. I think it’s a third kid thing. She’s super laid back and whenever you look at her she just laughs and laughs (maybe happy someone is paying attention to her?). Still trying to figure out how to sleep through the night 100% of the time, but that will come with time. Jason and I have talked about when we had two kids it felt like someone was missing. And in a completely weird way (it’s going to sound religious but it’s 100% not), Veronica was missing. Her personality, her face, her person. I know that’s because of course she is she and she is the one that is here. But it’s almost like she was waiting to get her. Waiting to complete us.

And so here we are and here we go.

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