Another Baby Coming in the Family!

I am so excited for my cousin Sarah!

She and her husband Matt are expecting their second son at the end of the summer. My stepmom, her mom and I hosted a baby shower for her over the weekend and it was so great to be able to do that for her. She’s such a good mom to her first son Wyatt (check out that cutie at the end of this post) and while I warned her that two seems to be exponentially harder than one, I think she’s such a natural she will fall right into it.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get a maternity family photoshoot in with these guys in July!

2014-06-08_0001 2014-06-08_0002 2014-06-08_0003 2014-06-08_0004 2014-06-08_0005 2014-06-08_0006 2014-06-08_0007 2014-06-08_0008 2014-06-08_0009 2014-06-08_0010 2014-06-08_0011 2014-06-08_0012 2014-06-08_0013


Below is Sarah’s mom on the left and her sister (my stepmom) on the right. Yah you can tell they are related!



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