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Since meeting one of my favorite families at River Park for a photoshoot (after  last minute change in location) it has quickly become one of my favorite local places to take pictures. I was so excited when another local family decided to use it for their photo location.

I donate a photosession to my local CPS school every year for our auction and this was the family that won it! It’s always fun for me during the online auction because I see people bidding on it, but I don’t know who they are. I was happy to find out it was this family and I loved getting to spend some time with their extended family.

At one point we went on a duck hunt to try and get the littlest to look at me. As you can see below it caused much laughing from all. I love when a photoshoot causes genuine laughter and silliness. It makes the hour much more fun.

Thank you friends for bidding on my photoshoot!

Kids always love to see the pictures on the back of the camera. It’s going to be funny when we tell them about “film” and “one hour developing”. Sometimes they like to take a picture with my camera. So with some (a lot) help from me, the oldest sister was able to get these pictures of her mom. I love these snaps, and I loved involving one of the kids in the picture taking.

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