Betsy Turned 6 Months Old!

A few years (ok fine, many years at this point) back, Jason and I were fairly into running as we were training for the marathon. At the time, we updated our running blog ( every day. And when you do that, and you are all over running forums trying to decide what the next pair of shoes you are going to buy or what running watch is going to hit the market, you meet other bloggers who run (or runners who blog). And eventually you find yourself in a Dick’s Sporting Goods with your hands full of sports bras and Under Armour underwear and someone says, “Leah?”. You get that scary feeling like someone from high school has recognized you and you’ll have to do that, “Oh right! We totally had freshman gym class together. I totally remember you.” But thank goodness for me and not having to go through that uncomfortable situation, it was Mike, a Chicago runner who was married to Barb, another runner.

We had actually set up a date to meet them the next day, so it was completely random and hilarious that we ran into him a day early.

Over the years we have done long runs together and raced together and there was that one night after we went to an Ernie Banks wine release (yeah that happened) where there was lots of laughing and goofiness.

Then we had a baby and so we saw each other less, although we kept up with watching Halloween on Halloween and exchanging cookies at Christmas.

Then, randomly, Barb asked if we wanted to meet for breakfast and I instantly knew she was pregnant. So I bought this book and off we went. And yep, she was expecting and due at the beginning of March. I told them if they wanted some pictures taken in the delivery room to let me know. As that is a super personal situation, I was surprised and delighted that they called me on their way to the hospital.

Just a few hours later itty bitty Betsy was born. Being there for that was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced and I don’t know if they know how much it meant that they had me there with them.

As Betsy has now turned 6 months old, they contacted me and asked to take her six month photos.

Thank you Mike and Barb for having me be a part of your lives. Betsy is ridiculously cute, and you guys clearly adore her. Enjoy all the minutes because, soon enough, you’ll have an almost three year old yelling, “I JUST WENT POOP!” while walking down Lincoln Ave.

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  • We cannot thank you enough for hanging out with us and taking these pics! You are fantastic!!! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Donna Berry

    Leah, the pictures are wonderful! They make this grandmother smile!! Thank you, your are so talented!!ReplyCancel

  • Super cute pics! I met Mike and Barb years ago, after the Chicago Marathon 2006 debacle. Glad they’re doing so well now!ReplyCancel

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