I love families that look a lot like my family in terms of size and ages. We’ve know this family since their oldest and my oldest were only about a year old. Now those babies are in 3rd and 2nd grade! It’s unreal how time flies. I know it’s such a cliche, but for real.

We have done photos with this family in the past at the North Park Village Nature Center and they wanted to return but the main path doesn’t open till 10am and we needed to meet early because of schedules (and in the end the rain that started right at the end of our session!). So we explored the Walking Stick Woods that is on the grounds on the east side. After we walked around there we walked by the water and bridge (I don’t know if there is an official name) and took some recreations from their maternity session 3 years previously.

This family is so beautiful and it’s so much fun to take pictures of them. It’s a win win for me because I get to see old friends and catch up too!

I have had the joy of getting to take this family’s pictures for the past three years! It is so fun for me as a photographer to watch a family grow over the years. We’ve always done a different locations (in front of the marathon and at the museum campus), and this year they suggested we meet at Oak St. Beach. I have never done a photo shoot there before and I was excited to have the opportunity to try a new location. The day was a little hazy which was perfect for the location.

I always love to chat with the older boy becuase he’s a huge Cubs fan and at the time of the shoot we were a little nervous about facing Washington and Matt Scherzer (who we thought only had a cramp and wouldn’t have any issues pitching). Turns out we love facing Matt Scherzer and the Cubs move on! (That game was all kinds of crazy…winning in only dramatic fashion the Cubs can).

This family is just so kind and fun to be with, I enjoy my hour of time with them. As you can see by the last picture the photoshoot lasted exactly 1 hour….and I was alerted to when my time was up :). Of course on a Cubs watch :).

One of my favorite sessions to shoot is fellow familes that go to our local CPS elementary school. I was contacted by this family and we quickly realized we both were in the same Kindergarten Facebook group for our sons starting kindergarten (their oldest, my middlest).

We met at one of my favorite locations in Chicago, at Montrose Harbor which also has a bird sanctuary to explore. There is a lot of lake front and woods to check out there. I love the wide open spaces and the views of downtown.

I love big families because I love the energy and the general busy-ness of everyone. This family has kids about the same age difference as my three and so I know how crazy it can be!

I love the brotherly love in these first few pictures and check out the picture taken by the eldest at the end when I gave him a turn with my camera.

The standoff between brothers….

Hey guys…show me your super hero poses…..

At first you might think they were gazing adoringly at their little sister…but a closer look…ah there was some snacks in front of her…If she’s anything like my youngest, she’ll be letting them know soon enough how she feels about her snacks being taken!

I have been enjoying letting the kids in my sessions take pictures lately. I love this picture N. got of his mom and baby sister. Then he wanted to take a picture of the tower…and did a great job! Thanks for the snaps!

Since meeting one of my favorite families at River Park for a photoshoot (after  last minute change in location) it has quickly become one of my favorite local places to take pictures. I was so excited when another local family decided to use it for their photo location.

I donate a photosession to my local CPS school every year for our auction and this was the family that won it! It’s always fun for me during the online auction because I see people bidding on it, but I don’t know who they are. I was happy to find out it was this family and I loved getting to spend some time with their extended family.

At one point we went on a duck hunt to try and get the littlest to look at me. As you can see below it caused much laughing from all. I love when a photoshoot causes genuine laughter and silliness. It makes the hour much more fun.

Thank you friends for bidding on my photoshoot!

Kids always love to see the pictures on the back of the camera. It’s going to be funny when we tell them about “film” and “one hour developing”. Sometimes they like to take a picture with my camera. So with some (a lot) help from me, the oldest sister was able to get these pictures of her mom. I love these snaps, and I loved involving one of the kids in the picture taking.

I was so excited to check out this new location for another family in my neighborhood. I have run around the Bird Sanctuary on some of my longer runs (oh hey…I’m training for the marathon this year! More on that in the future) but never walked inside it. It’s really quite something. Complete calm and quiet right in the middle of the city.

The night before the shoot there was some questions on if we were going to even be able to get it in because it looked like a giant mass of rain was coming our way. Luckily, the rain skirted by the lakefront so the photoshoot was a go!

This family was hosting a party for 75 people that night to celebrate their oldest daughter’s 8th grade graduation. I was amazed and inspired that they could get out to an early photoshoot, looking amazing and calm, and then host a party that big. When I host a party for any size, I’m usually still planning the morning of and making last minute runs to the grocery store. Incredible.

The best part of this shoot was they wanted a picture where they were all jumping.  In the end we got it, but the lead up was one of my favorite 5 minutes or so of any photoshoot yet. Hilarity ensued, and in the end mom got the most air!

I was thrilled to take pictures of a family that is also at my kids CPS school. While we have only been there for two years, their oldest daughter is a recent 8th grade graduate and has been at the school for the full 9 years of elementary & middle school. I love seeing this. So many people get frustrated and leave and I love seeing families stick it out.

This family is full of kindness and laughter and it’s immediately apparent how much they care for each other.  I love meeting different families in this profession, and when I get to meet ones that are inspiring for my own future, it makes the job that much more enjoyable.

Thank you guys for a wonderful morning!