Call Me Maeby

Shortly after we moved into our apartment in Lakeview, we met a couple with a very cute little puppy. I like dogs from a distance, more of a cat person here, but THIS dog was beautiful, super soft and cuddly. I swear it was more like a stuffed animal than a dog. I said to them, “Oh what’s your dog’s name?” To which they responded, “Maeby.” To which I countered, “Wait, like Maeby from Arrested Development?” Them, “Yes! Exactly!” I knew they would be good friends immediately. One of our favorite shows, and how can you NOT love Maeby Funke.

(Do I love that I was able to work in a Call Me Maybe reference AND link to Arrested Development. Yes. Yes, I do).

Anyways, a few years later we had little Miss Lucille and a year after that they welcomed their son Dylan. I’m not sure I’ve seen a kid that looks more like his father (ok except my son I guess), than Dylan. It’s so funny.

Megan, Dave and Dylan (and of course Maeby) are just a big slice of awesome. They are a really fun family and while we love our new neighborhood, I miss having them as neighbors. It was always nice running into them on the sidewalk on the way to or from work.

So it was not only fun taking pictures of the little man over the weekend, but nice to be able to catch up with them. We met up by the Chicago lakefront near the little boat park just to the south of the dog beach in Belmont Harbor. Even though it was a little bit chilly I think everyone had fun and I can’t wait till we see them again.

I want to swing. I want to swing. I want to swing. I DON’T WANT TO SWING. I DON’T WANT TO SWING. I DON’T WANT TO SWING. Oh 2 year olds. You are so indecisive.

Another attempt at a family picture. And another awesome Moment in Time. Windy hair in Mom’s face, child sliding off lap. Dog looking like he really wants to lick SOMEONE’S face. Dad attempting to hold everyone together.

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