Chicago Cultural Center

“Let’s go downtown to the Chicago Cultural Center!” I said to the kids. It was a Thursday with nothing going on at all the rest of the day. It’s the only day of the week we don’t have anything scheduled (no school for Rocky on Thursdays, no swimming, no piano, so freedom from 9-3).

Chicago is full of free or cheap things to do and the Cultural Center is an absolute favorite. It’s not like there is anything to “do” really. Sometimes they have interesting exhibits, but in general we just like to walk (run) around the big rooms and awe at the detailed mosaics in the old library reading room. I mean I could look at those walls for hours.

Because I know the Cultural Center is only a block from the Randolph brown line I knew we wouldn’t need the stroller since it’s only a few blocks to the brown line from our house. I think this maybe was the first time we had a city adventure with Veronica that didn’t involve the stroller. Usually I take it in case she gets tired, or to put stuff on. But I also knew that the Randolph station didn’t have an elevator and was a pain in the ass for strollers,  so hoof it we did, and it was easy peasy. There is a flickering light at the end of the difficult tunnel we are in right now. Not having to take a stroller somewhere made that light get a little bit brighter.

We met Jason for coffee and a cookie at Intelligentsia before getting back onto the train. I got a blip of caffeine, the kids got a snack, and back to Lincoln Square we went….armed with Dum Dums for the kids to enjoy on the way … I knew I was going to need some ammunition to make the train ride home enjoyable for everyone and had Jason pick me up some on his way to meet us.

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