Daphne Doodle

My cousin is my Dad’s sister’s youngest (of five!), and we’ve always been pretty close. She’s traveled and lived  all over the globe, including a year on Kodiak Island,  a year in England, and two in Cape Verde for the Peace Corps. I recently found letters that she and I exchanged during her stint in the Peace Corps; I find them hilarious because it was so long ago and so the letters were about undergraduate and boy drama. Her husband Evin is also quite the traveler having spent some time in Asia teaching English.

After all that world traveling, the two of them found themselves back in their hometown of Frankfort, Indiana (where the team mascot is the Hot Dog. No didn’t make that up.), a super small town about an hour north of Indianapolis. After traveling to opposite ends of the globe, they both ended up at a mutual friend’s sister’s high school graduation party. Crazy world right!?

They are now married and have two kids: Ramona the oldest and Daphne 18 months younger. Daphne was born on Leap Day, and was roughly two weeks late. I think she just wanted to have an awesome birthday and knew to wait it out. After Daphne was born, I suggested that I come over with my new lighting equipment that I got for Christmas, hang out for the afternoon, and take some pictures of their wonderful family – especially some pictures of the newest addition.

Thanks to their family for having me come over and play for the afternoon!

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