Daphne. Smash.

My cousin brought the idea of cake smashing photo shoots to me when her first daughter, Ramona,  was turning one. She had seen them done and thought we could do something cute with a tutu and some cake. Turns out it was very cute and so repeating the experience for her younger daughter, Daphne, was something that had to happen.

For the first shoot we had nice light from a large near by window and it was in the summer. Daphne, on the other hand, is a winter baby and the family has moved to a new apartment which at the time of the shoot didn’t have enough natural light. Luckily for me, my cousin didn’t mind me taking over her entire living room with lighting equipment trying to figure out the best place for things.

Lighting for me is difficult and something I need some practice at, so a big thank you (as always) to Lisa and her family for letting me use them as test subjects.

Cake smash photo shoots are probably one of my favorite shoots to do. I usually have to try and control my laughing because hilarity always ensues. You can really see kid’s personalities emerging already at a young age. Ramona really went for it and smashed through the cake in no time, while Daphne was a little more cautious (although as you can see by the progression of photos she still got in there). Another kid I did this for didn’t really even want to get sticky touching the cake. Yet another (post coming soon!) really just wanted to frosting (I mean honestly isn’t cake just frosting delivery devices?). I see my son ingesting the entire cake….maybe in one bite (I better be fast behind the camera)!

So go for it Daphne! Happy birthday littlest one!


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  • Bob

    Great shots! I think the last B&W shot’s my favorite- there’s some motion blur that gives a sense of kinetic energy…ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Bob! I’m really happy with how this session turned out.ReplyCancel

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