Fellow Family of 5 with One in Kinder!

One of my favorite sessions to shoot is fellow familes that go to our local CPS elementary school. I was contacted by this family and we quickly realized we both were in the same Kindergarten Facebook group for our sons starting kindergarten (their oldest, my middlest).

We met at one of my favorite locations in Chicago, at Montrose Harbor which also has a bird sanctuary to explore. There is a lot of lake front and woods to check out there. I love the wide open spaces and the views of downtown.

I love big families because I love the energy and the general busy-ness of everyone. This family has kids about the same age difference as my three and so I know how crazy it can be!

I love the brotherly love in these first few pictures and check out the picture taken by the eldest at the end when I gave him a turn with my camera.

The standoff between brothers….

Hey guys…show me your super hero poses…..

At first you might think they were gazing adoringly at their little sister…but a closer look…ah there was some snacks in front of her…If she’s anything like my youngest, she’ll be letting them know soon enough how she feels about her snacks being taken!

I have been enjoying letting the kids in my sessions take pictures lately. I love this picture N. got of his mom and baby sister. Then he wanted to take a picture of the tower…and did a great job! Thanks for the snaps!

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