Field Museum….or Where the Dino Bones Are

My son (who’s 4.5 years old) is, to say mildly, obsessed with dinosaurs. I mean…obsessed. We frequently have dinosaur battles set up in our living room with every single plastic dinosaur he out facing each other. We then as a family get to watch the battle in which he takes pairs of dinosaurs and smashes them together until one falls down, and then moves to the next pair. The kid has *a lot* of dinosaurs so the battles take awhile.

So while on vacation for Winter Break I thought going to the Field Museum would be a great idea. It’s such a great museum especially for my kids because they can just run around and don’t really bother anyone. They, and by they I mean Veronica, aren’t quite ready for the Art Institute. Because that kid can *run* and I just see her running into some priceless piece of artwork and us being banned for life. So we’ll just give that another few months.

The thing about the Field Museum though…I only ever see two things. Ok fine three. Sue (the big T-Rex in the main hall), the “Evolving Planet” exhibit (where the dinosaurs are all located) and then the Underground Adventure. And sometimes if we are feeling particularly adventurous we’ll walk through the large dioramas on the main floor just off the great hall. I am sure there are many many amazing exhibits to see, but by the time we are done with the bugs and the bones and the eating of the lunch it’s time to go!

I love taking these kids on city adventures. I like it a bit more in the summer when can train and walk over there, but the temperatures were just a little bit too cold for that yesterday.

Happy weekend everyone! Back to our normal schedules on Monday as well say good bye to vacation and look forward to a New Year.

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