First Day of Kindergarten

Oh man.

My little girl went off to Kindergarten on Tuesday. We are very lucky because she’s going to school just a few blocks from our house and so she won’t have to deal with buses, and commuting and whatever. Also it’s exciting because a lot of neighborhood kids go to this school. It’s a Chicago neighborhood school meaning if you live in the district, they have to take you. In the last two years they have stopped letting in kids that aren’t in the boundary. Which means that the 90 kids in Kindergarten all live relatively close to us. The little boy across the street is in her class!

This is exciting because there is a little bit of a small town feeling. We are starting to meet a lot of new friends who also have kids at the school and who also live right down the street. For living in the “big bad city” it’s such a friendly small neighborhood.

So, as we do for all the kids first day of school, we had a big pancake breakfast followed by photos on the front stairs.

Love these kids. The pictures of all of them together is hilarious and I had to include the entire series. Poor Veronica. Rocky had quite the choke hold on her. Also Lucy lost her first tooth the day before kindergarten started! So many changes!

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