Friday in the Square

Every Friday The Book Cellar hosts a story time at Giddings Plaza at 11am. I’ve only caught it a few times but today planned on meeting my lovely friend and talented hair stylist Marie for coffee, sweets and then story time.

We left a little early in the hopes that Veronica would fall asleep in the stroller…which score, she totally did. We took a long roundabout way to get to the square walking by some beautiful flowering bushes, (Rosasharn I believe).

And also. The Little Blue Truck.

For those of you with kids, The Little Blue Truck is a really fun book. It’s fun to read for the adults and the kids love it. So this little Blue Truck is parked in our neighborhood and it looks exactly like the truck in the book. But it rarely moves. So everytime we walk by, my kids say, “Why is the Little Blue Truck still there? Why doesn’t it move?” And when it does move they exclaim, “MOM IT MOVED!!! THE LITTLE BLUE TRUCK MOVED!” So whoever in the Lincoln Square that owns this truck, take note that my kids love your car!

We walked around the block ending up in the square meeting Mr. Lincoln and his mom Marie. Lincoln reminds me a lot of Rocky. Now that Rocky is getting a little older, it’s funny to see a kid that reminds me so much of him at 2. Crazy boys.

But the mud. Nothing has changed with Rocky and his love for mud and puddles. Lincoln too. His mom just was like, oh forget it, let’s take your shoes off…yep go splash. Love it.

And of course we can’t forget the Happiest Baby on the Block.

She is getting to the point where she can sit and listen to the stories. Ok fine it was maybe a total of 30 seconds…BUT….30 SECONDS!

There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood. A. Lot. And….there goes Veronica…giving up on sitting still and seeing something she can climb up on!

She took a few steps today. I don’t even think she realized she did it. Like she made forward progress walking. And everything in my house has to go up another level.

Lincoln spent a lot of time just standing behind the reader. Kid has his juice. He’s good to go.

Right before I left, Lincoln walked through the gaggle of kids and tapping them each on the head. It was hilarious, the kids were like wait, what is happening? But then some started tapping each other on the heads. I think Lincoln was thinking, “YO DUDES! We could play a rockin’ round of Duck Duck Goose!”

Thanks to Marie for coming to play with us this morning.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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  • Susan Budde

    Great way to spend a Friday morning! And fantastic photos too!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole McDavid

    Nice seeing you there!ReplyCancel

  • Scott Welty

    Great post. Gotta love our neighborhoodReplyCancel

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