Garfield Park Conservatory Field Trip

On Monday (that would be yesterday!), I took my younger two kids to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It’s a bit far from our house on the North Side but I was craving some plants, some warmth and I know the kids were craving some time to run. I mean they could continue to run laps in our 1400 square foot house, but I thought they might want a bit more (didn’t we all though).

The second we walked in the door, they were both off running. I would chase after them,  but I knew there wasn’t a ton of trouble they could get in and it being a week day it was pretty empty so it wasn’t like they were running into other people or being rude.

We also found on that Mondays they have some kids activities going on. Rocky was a little old for this as it was mostly 2-ish year olds. But he still had fun digging in the dirt (or as he corrected me, “the soil”), and making a little bag of chai tea spices.

If you haven’t been, or it’s been awhile, I highly recommend heading to this gem we have in the city. Especially as we are in the gray and cold of winter, it’s a refreshing and must needed change.

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