Hot Town Summer in the City

I am so thrilled that I got to take pictures of one of my favorite families in Chicago. Their oldest daughter and my oldest daughter met in preschool and instantly became best friends. I realized quickly that my Lucy chose well in her friends because I instantly loved the parents. This is always a thing when your kids make friends, you want them to be happy, but you also hope that the parents are fun for you to hang out with!

The girls were on the same youth bowling league team and when all of us were on the edge of our seats at the “roll-off” for the league championship; I feel like I might have met my match in competitiveness. If you were wondering…they won. Because they are awesome. They are also just as big of Cubs fans as we are and it was fun to live and die with every pitch during the Championship run last fall. I’m surprised we are all still alive…although, I do believe that we all lost years off our lives.

They also have the same arrangement of kids that we do – girl-boy-girl – and, while I am sure our eldest girls will run the science club in high school, I’m not sure the littles will be so much with the whole following the rules thing.

This photoshoot was taken right around baby M’s first birthday and we met downtown on the museum campus on the hottest day of the year so far. And all I can say is, this family is a bunch of troopers. And after walking all over the museum campus in the 95 degrees and 900% humidity, they all went on to Blues Fest. I told you they were awesome.

Thank you friends. I had such an amazing time and I’m so excited to continue these city adventures, watching our kids growing up together!

I had to absolutely include this first picture, because if that doesn’t say big sister telling little brother what to do, then I don’t know what does.

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