Incredible Family at the Bird Sanctuary

I was so excited to check out this new location for another family in my neighborhood. I have run around the Bird Sanctuary on some of my longer runs (oh hey…I’m training for the marathon this year! More on that in the future) but never walked inside it. It’s really quite something. Complete calm and quiet right in the middle of the city.

The night before the shoot there was some questions on if we were going to even be able to get it in because it looked like a giant mass of rain was coming our way. Luckily, the rain skirted by the lakefront so the photoshoot was a go!

This family was hosting a party for 75 people that night to celebrate their oldest daughter’s 8th grade graduation. I was amazed and inspired that they could get out to an early photoshoot, looking amazing and calm, and then host a party that big. When I host a party for any size, I’m usually still planning the morning of and making last minute runs to the grocery store. Incredible.

The best part of this shoot was they wanted a picture where they were all jumping.  In the end we got it, but the lead up was one of my favorite 5 minutes or so of any photoshoot yet. Hilarity ensued, and in the end mom got the most air!

I was thrilled to take pictures of a family that is also at my kids CPS school. While we have only been there for two years, their oldest daughter is a recent 8th grade graduate and has been at the school for the full 9 years of elementary & middle school. I love seeing this. So many people get frustrated and leave and I love seeing families stick it out.

This family is full of kindness and laughter and it’s immediately apparent how much they care for each other.  I love meeting different families in this profession, and when I get to meet ones that are inspiring for my own future, it makes the job that much more enjoyable.

Thank you guys for a wonderful morning!

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