Joe, Jeni, Ike, Ollie & Zeke visit the museums

I was so excited to have the opportunity to take pictures of this awesome (for serious, awesome) family. In between my physics careers, I worked with Joe at a small consulting company. They had their third kid about the same time I had my first. Eventually I moved on from the company, but I remained friends with them on Facebook and would see posts about their lives with three kids and realized I really wanted to have that.

Their kids were just as awesome as I thought they’d be and I was so excited to meet all of them.

It was really fun taking pictures of older kids because they had some good ideas. Hey! I HAVE AN IDEA! LET’S TAKE SOME OVER HERE BY THIS GIANT FISH MAN! OH LOOK A GIANT HEAD, LET’S GO THERE TOO!”

The original plan was to meet at the planetarium and then head over to Northerly Island for some nice pictures. I got to the location early (as I tend to do) to scope it out and realized that Northerly Island wasn’t going to work as the nature part of it were completely fenced off and we’d be stuck on the concrete paths. There are only so many pictures you can take with that background. We did stick with the planetarium, but then walked over to the museum campus and finished at 12th street beach where their two dogs joined us for the end of the session.

At one point during our shoot, I asked the boys to put their hands in their pockets, and the process of actually getting their hands into their pockets was so funny I had to include a few of the process as well as the final picture.

It got really windy at the end of the session which was hilarious. I absolutely love the last picture in this post of the three boys in the wind. Perfection.

Jeni and Joe, I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming adventures. It was so fun seeing you guys!

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