Katherine! What a Trooper!

Katherine’s parents contacted me about taking their daughter’s one year photos about six weeks ago. As any of us who have kids in the early “spring” in Chicago know, the weather is a total crapshoot. You could randomly get lucky and a get a warm, sunny day, or it could be snowing and blowing and 15 degrees. This spring has been especially rough for us here in the Windy City.

After a few email exchanges, it was decided that pictures indoors were preferable because the weather was looking bad. I had just taken my two kids to the Cultural Center downtown Chicago and so I thought something interesting could happen there. In all honesty, this is one of my favorite buildings in Chicago and it has been since I was in high school. It’s just so old school and beautiful inside. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend stopping by. The best part is that it’s free! And I contacted them about taking pictures and there are no permits needed or fees required.

We planned on meeting at 11am at the Cultural Center and then moving outside at Millenium Park for a few. I got to the Cultural Center a little bit early and the entire second floor was closed for a private poster event! I had looked at their webpage for any events happening and must have missed that it was happening. Gah!

We decided just to do all the photos at Millennium Park. It was at least sunny, but fairly chilly. Luckily my subject was amazing and gave me lots of great smiles. I hope to meet with them again in a few months and give them another session to make up for the closed indoor space.

Hanging out with these three was a very nice way for me to spend my Saturday morning!

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