Labor Day Fun

Our neighbors have an almost 3 year old little boy named Will and an almost 4 month old little guy named Charlie. Will and Lucy are just about the same age as are Calvin and Charlie. Lucy and Will are at a great age where they can actually play together instead of just parallel playing.

We met them on Monday for a trip to the park and then for lunch at Costellos.

Will’s mom, Andree, tries to get Will to not make up words.  When they go to Costellos, Will will get a YooHoo to drink. Which his mom calls a YooHoo, and Will laughs at her and says, “No! Mom this is chocolate milk!” As in, don’t make up words!

A nice little play date for a relaxing Labor Day.

My kids look nothing alike, but there is no mistaking that Will and Charlie are brothers!

Will likes to sit on these stool things and pretend it’s a train. ALL ABOARD!

Lucy likes when any thing she has matches any thing else. She yells, “LOOOK!!! MATCHING!” Works with YooHoos too!

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