Lovely Fall Saturday at Brookfield Zoo

My work colleague and good friend invited us to go with her and her two kids (who are timed wonderfully as they are the same age as my two kids) to Brookfield Zoo on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the kids were awesome (a little crazy as you’d image two 4 year olds…in my head Lucy is yelling, “I’M NOT FOUR I’M THREE!!!!!!” (she turns 4 in less than a month).. and two 18 months old would be). Lots of fun looking for certain animals and then ending with some delicious zoo food and some time at a great playground.

A very exciting part of this trip for us was as we were waiting to turn onto 1st Avenue, Lucy said, “Why does that sign say zoo?” (there was a sign that said Zoo with an arrow pointing which way to turn). Jason and I realized this was the first time she had read a word that wasn’t in a book she has memorized. Pretty sweet.

Thanks for a fun Saturday Mandy! Let’s do it again soon, great way to spend the day!

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