Mabel is 6 months!

It’s so funny how fast time moves. I mean I know it is always said, that time will move faster than you can imagine and you’ll look back and not believe that you are at the point you are at. I don’t know if that makes sense. I do know that it only seems like a “few days ago” that Megan told me she was expecting her third child. And now that child is 6 months old. The little girl named Mabel.

We wanted to do some pictures at their home in a chair where her older boys had done some 6 month pictures so she could have some similar ones, and then we met the next day at Foster Beach to take full family photos.

I love these people. From posing in front of the lake, to getting some time in the sand (and a little sand snack for Ms. Mabel), they were all so fun and I loved getting to spend some time with them.

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