Mid May

Lately we’ve been having a great time around these parts. Because. Because. Because it’s finally warm out (yes I know it’s going to be 50 tomorrow. shut up).

We had a pretty large bike accident here. Lucy flipped over her handle bars and busted up her chin and her lip. It was pretty bad actually (I never ever ever say, “I think maybe we should go to the ER” but I did that night when I saw it). Good thing she’s tiny and she heals fast as it’s already pretty cleared up. The day after it happened she had a performance at school singing a Chicago song…she was the ‘O’ and I just felt so bad for her. She did a great job but I think she had a hard time speaking let alone singing.  But she stood up there in the front and did her best.

On Sunday Lucy and I had a little bit of a date and went out for brunch and then to a Cubs game. After carting all of us to a few games this season it was so delightful to take only her. She’s such a calm kid. She sat there for the entire game. She got some popcorn and a sprite (oh my god MOM IT’S SO GOOD!!!! IT’S BUBBLY AND TICKLES MY FACE). And we just chatted for the entire three hours. Rocky is tough at the games because a) it’s a bad time for him as he still needs some downtime even though he’s not napping, b) the kid can’t sit still and c) there are not enough snacks to get through a game, “I’m hungry. I’m SO HUNGRY. I’m firsty….I’M SO FIRSTY” (firsty = thirsty).

On Monday I had a lovely lunch with my old friends at Northwestern while the kids ran around a park for two hours. Lucy becoming quite the tree climber, “Mom. I’m going to go higher next time. I’m a great climber. You know that? I’m really good at it.” She also pushed Rocky on the swings which was was cute. Sometimes she would push him and he would fall off the swing and it was GREAT LAUGHS. Those two are thick as thieves and it’s fun watching them grow up together. I wonder how Veronica is going to fit into that puzzle. What’s amazing is they are both really into her. Into making her laugh. Keeping her busy if I’m busy doing something. It’s great to see and I know all moms say this (ok we don’t say it all the time if we are honest), but they are really good kids.

I’m still learning how to be a stay at home parent. I think the main things I’ve learned are a) more park time running around time solves a lot of problems and b) you can never *never* have enough snacks.

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