Mini Session Weekend 1

I had this idea to do a fundraiser for my daughter’s school where I do a 15 minute photo session and 100% of the money goes back to the school. Everyone wins, I get to take pictures of families and meet new people (my very most favorite thing to do), the families get pictures of their kids and our local CPS school gets a few bucks.

The sessions run from 8am-11am and then 3pm-7pm, every 20 minutes. The first weekend we had rain at the start of the morning so I had to move 4 of the sessions around. Luckily people were able to move to the following weekend (this coming Saturday) or to the afternoon. I had 10 families last weekend and I had SO MUCH FUN! Yes that required all capitals! It was so much hard work, and by the end I was a sweaty mess (sorry to my last family..I didn’t realize how sweaty I had gotten!). BUT it was a blast. I learned so much and had to get out of my comfort zone because there is a short amount of time. And since the sessions are jam packed there is no, “we’ll just take an extra 5 minutes.”.

Here is just a small sampling of the photos of the families from last weekend. I have another 20 families this coming Saturday (20! but one is mine :)) and I’m looking forward to it. This time I’m going to make sure I have a few cold Diet Cokes on hand to keep me going! I had to include these two black and white pictures. The girl on the left has a great laugh in real life. I mean, awesome. And in an attempt to pose the two of them, she let that laugh go. It’s so perfect. I love the picture on the left because the baby is sister is like, “COME ON YOU GUYS!”

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