Mother’s Day Weekend

leahcarriestoomuchstuffLucy is only in preschool 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) which lets her be home on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays I’m pretty busy with workouts and sometimes work, but Fridays are usually totally free. I want to have fun adventures with them on Fridays. A “Mom & Kids Friday Funday” if you will. This doesn’t always happen. I’ll be honest there are some Fridays where I look at the clock and realize that it’s only 10am and Jason isn’t due home for many (many) hours. But we got it together this past Friday and went to the playground at 31st street. I mentioned that I’ve been trying to take my big girl camera with us when we go out. Plus I decided the parking lot wasn’t going to be too far from the playground (it wasn’t) so I would just throw Veronica in our carrier. AND as those of you with kids know, there are never (ever) enough snacks, thus also with us was our large diaper bag filled with mostly snacks. I was like a sherpa or a pack mule, or a whatever. It was a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that was heavy.

But anyways I digress. This is a photography website after all.

We spent about two hours at the playground at 31st street which was awesome. Lot of things to climb on (and different too which was a nice change). Rocky *loves* pushing Veronica on the swing and I think she likes it better than whenI do it because he’s a little more violent with her so she tends to swing higher with him around.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to a cool park by our house, River Park. It’s right on the river and in the summer there is an outdoor pool which is super fun. Lucy has gotten a lot braver on the playground equipment this year. She’s instantly up on the top of whatever she can find. Rocky still likes to lick things (seriously…is this a thing?). Veronica just likes to watch her siblings and is always on the lookout for Rocky when on the swings in the hopes he comes and pushes her. After playground time we headed to the west side of the river (just north of Lawrence) to where there is  little nature trail right on the river. Cool stuff. When we got to the end (where Veronica was 100% ready to get home), Lucy screamed, “THAT WAS AWESOME CAN WE DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN?!?!!?!” It’s fun living in an urban setting, but so close to a nice nature area. Even if that path is only 1/2 mile long, the kids thought it was awesome.


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  • Sarah Kay Mowat

    Awesome photos. Love those squidgy, gorgeous, happy faces!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Budde

    They are all getting so big so fast! Photos are fantastic!!ReplyCancel

  • Olga Tatge

    Loved this post and pics!ReplyCancel

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