My Beautiful Cousin and a First for Me

My cousin Sarah…you might remember her from her baby shower a few weeks ago, is expecting her second child in just a few weeks!

Given that I hadn’t yet had the chance to do a maternity/lifestyle/family photoshoot, I asked her if she and her family would be willing to model for me as I attempted said session. She graciously did and I got to spend an awesome afternoon with her, her husband Matt and their son Wyatt.

I had so much fun with these guys. Wyatt couldn’t be cuter although like all almost two years old, not super interested in sitting still (as they should be….still remember trying to get photos of my family for a Christmas card when Lucy was 2 and I think I got one winner photo from that!). There is so much love and happiness in this family which was so obvious from the second I got to their house.

Sarah you are gorgeous.

Sarah and Matt you have a beautiful family and I cannot wait to meet the new little man!

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