New House, Newish Baby

I took pictures of this beautiful family in the fall last year. At that time baby A was on his way, and little girl S stole my heart. I love this family so much, the love and happiness and general calmness is contagious.

They contacted me to take pictures of their family including the new baby. They just moved into a new house and asked if I would take pictures in their house. Of course! When I came into the home, I figured they had moved in a few months previously, and when I asked when they had moved in, they said they had only been in a few days. I couldn’t believe it. Everything looked beautiful and in place, and so quickly! My cousin is like that. She moves into a new place and by that night, she has all her pictures up and it looks like they live there. I on the other hand still have a stack of pictures I want to put up in my bedroom…we’ve lived here almost 5 years.

Anyways, I digress. The light in this house was beautiful, especially in the kids bedrooms. S was protecting a new little stuffed unicorn at one point in a nook between her bed and a side table. Because that’s where she was more comfortable that’s where we took some family pictures!

When Dad was trying to get Baby A to smile (and it was working), I wasn’t sure what he was doing and I was delighted when I turned around to see him hitting himself on the head with a plastic toy hammer. At another point he and S were playing a monster/tickle game, and I caught the little girl laughing knowing he was coming to tickle her.  I love these moments in a photoshoot, and one of my goals in the upcoming year is to capture more of them.

The dad speaks German and right now S’s favorite book is a holiday book written in German. I loved how into the book she was, reading it and looking to dad for help with the words. To be able to learn a second language as a child is something so special and amazing.

Unfortunately it was super super cold the day of the photoshoot, so pictures outside were quick and in coats, but we wanted some in front of their new house, so we did get a few done. Congratulations on the new house you guys! Thanks for having me over to share some of your morning with me!

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