New Toy

Well. I finally jumped in and got the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II . I’ve been coveting this camera for awhile now and figured the end of the year was a good time to go for it.

I really really love taking pictures. I love my Canon 5Dmkiii. I do.


It’s really big and really heavy.

And with three kids in tow or some fraction of the three it’s hard to carry even one more thing. Over Christmas my sister in law had a small nikon she had slipped into a tiny purse camera bag and I was like, OH MY GOD IF I COULD JUST CARRY SOMETHING IN A SMALL PURSE!

So I started looking at the olympus site (for the one millionth time) and looked at the money in my photography business account. And decided to go for it. I miss taking pictures for me. I mean don’t get me wrong. I love iPhone selfies with my kids (clearly if you follow me on instagram you know this). I love taking beautiful family pictures with my big boy camera. But there are times when I want something inbetween.

So I took the plunge. And based on today, this isn’t even something in-between. I think this can be a solid second body camera at photo shoots.

It has wifi built in so I can instantly get the pictures I take on it onto my phone, and upload to instagram, or whatever. I don’t have time every day to sit down and blog, and upload photos (although as always it’s my new years resolution to be better about that). Sometimes I just want a higher quality photo on my instagram feed.

It has a lot of really cool features, that I’m just starting to play around with. My favorite is you can just touch the touch screen LCD screen and it’ll pick that point as the focus and hit the shutter at the same time. Brilliant. Also you can use your phone as a remote shutter if you needed. It’s like we are living in the future people!

These are just some pictures from our day.

As soon as I started taking pictures of the kids they jumped up and down until I gave them “their” cameras.

On the way to swim class the hugs between brother and sister choked little brother (these two were also edited with the DPS Lightroom present from Rachel Devine called “Nudge”. It just soothes (my words) the picture a bit, I love it).

I love this picture of Rocky. I will smile for that camera. Watch me now world.

Photographically, I don’t think this is brilliant. However, for me, it’s perfect. The younger two are *always* looking to their older sibling. Rocky is looking for Lucy, and Veronica is looking for both of them.

We found out today that this girl is ready for Junior Swim Team at our gym! Go girl!

After we got back from swimming the three of them cuddled behind a chair we have in the living room. In which they were pretending that was their bedroom, the living room was their entire house and anything outside the living room was “outside”. Who said we need a bigger house, they literally would be happy sleeping behind a chair.

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