Oh Henry!

We are so excited in the family to welcome Baby Henry!

Henry is my cousin Sarah’s second son and I had the opportunity to be his paparazzi last weekend! You might remember Sarah from her baby shower and her maternity shoot and now we get to see what she was growing the last 9 months!

I love taking pictures of this family. They are so loving and welcoming and all around fun. My step-mom and I went with my two kiddos who got in on the picture action towards the end.

Thank you Sarah and Matt. I love you guys and we all here couldn’t be happier for the arrival of your new little man!

chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0001 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0002 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0003 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0004 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0005 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0006 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0007 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0008 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0009 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0010 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0011 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0012 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0013 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0014 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0015 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0016 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0017 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0018 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0019 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0020 chicago_baby_newborn_family_photographer_0021

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