Our Summer Tuesdays

On Tuesdays I work from home and, in order to get a workout in, I run to pick Lucy up from daycare (it’s about 5 miles away, so a perfect distance…then, to make it back home in time without sweating on people on the bus, my Dad drives there to pick me up. If this sounds ridiculous, it kind of is. BUT, my Dad lives, like, a block away from the daycare, so this way he gets a ride home. How many words can I put into these parenthesis?). Then, while I shower, she watches her brother and plays in the playroom. When Jason gets home from work, we go over to our friends Stuart and Mary’s house for a standing Tuesday barbecue. Seriously, these lovely people have had people over every  single Tuesday during the summer. While we are working on getting our bathrooms clean – at best – once a month, they have their lives together enough that they can grill delicious food for a group of folks. We look forward to seeing them every weekend, and Lucy is becoming best friends with them. I’m pretty sure the child eats asparagus because Stuart does.

Lucy is getting very into puzzles these days. While I was finishing getting ready, she had four pieces in her 12 piece puzzle and, when I came back in the room, she had the whole thing done. I was like, wait..what the hell. When did you grow up to such a wonderful (99% of the time) little human. Amazing.

And Calvin. Well, he’s hilarious. He has a giant Charlie Brown head (why are babies’ heads so big?) and looks so much like Jason, it’s like a giant baby headed Jason rolling around.

Just a glimpse of some moments from our night.

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