Photographing Happiness: Beginnings

I’m participating in a photo group/challenge this year called ‘Photographing Happiness’ which is being led by the ever talented Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis. On the 12th day of each month the idea is to post 12 photos based on a theme. This month’s theme is Beginnings.

The new year for me is ALWAYS a time for lists of resolutions. I know I know. So cliche right? But the end of the year was filled with Baseball playoffs (I love baseball. I’ve always been a huge Cubs fan AND a huge fan of playoff baseball, and this year I got my wish that my Cubs were in the playoffs till the very very end), Thanksgiving, Lucy’s birthday, my husband’s holiday party (always a good time…too good of a time sometimes), then Christmas and New Years Eve (we host a big party).

So January comes and I’m pretty ready to hole up in my warm house, make lists of things to do, and do them.

When I first got really into photography, I didn’t have any kids. I loved taking pictures of anything and everything. Then kids came, and you know my first born has thousands of photos. I mean I have SmugMug galleries for her for each month of her life: “Lucy-January 2009”, “Lucy-Feburary 2009” and so on. When our second was born I decided to just combine the photos into “Family” with the month. This works fine, but by the time Veronica came around, time seemed to shrink and there were less and less photos in the galleries. Photos were texted from iPhones and put on Instagram. I started a Chatbooks account which is so awesome and deserves it’s own post. But there was something lacking. A depth to the photos. A shallowness to the quality of the photos, even though I truly believe iPhone photography is an amazing medium, and I’ve done some very interesting things with my phone, I just wanted…more.

I don’t like to take my large Canon 5Dmkiii out with me. I mean, of course I could. BUT it’s pretty big, and really expensive, and heavy. When I take it, I need another bag for snacks, diapers, snacks (did I mention snacks?), wallet, phone, journal etc etc.

With these things in mind, I decided to purchase an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark ii. Which so far is everything I was hoping it would be. I can fit it in my small Timbuk2 back with their insert for padding along with a tiny diaper bag, and all the goodies I like to keep with me.

So for this month’s challenge of Beginnings, I wanted to document some of the first few weeks of the year from our lives, as I begin to learn this amazing device (do you like how many times I used the word “Begin”? I do!). I hope you enjoy these 12 photos and I’d love any comments!



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  • These are some awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing these and good luck with you challenge.ReplyCancel

    • Leah

      Thanks! I’m having a really great time getting back to taking more pictures. This challenge is a doable one (once a month) and I like that it’s only 12 pictures. Hard sometimes to choose only 12 and this forces me.ReplyCancel

  • Nice set of pics. Really love the second one – and prefer seeing the hat in all its red glory!! I have also come over from the FB group) :)ReplyCancel

    • Leah

      thank you for the comments. I do love that red hat. I knitted it for myself years ago and somehow it’s become hers.ReplyCancel

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