The next two Saturdays I’m shooting a full day of 15-20 minute “Back to School” mini sessions as a fundraiser for my daughter’s Chicago public elementary school. I’m so excited to meet all these families!

I chose the community garden that is on the grounds of our school as the location. In general this location would make a great location for a full family session. Right now everything is fully grown and tall and very very green! I’ve done a winter session there too which was also a very investing shoot.

This afternoon, I took my oldest two kids, Lucy and Rocky, to do some more scouting of the location. Not that I need much more scouting, we are in the garden every week hanging out, but always nice to walk through the whole thing and notice new things. At the end of our walk around we posed for a timed picture. Also fun when it turns out!

I can’t wait for the next two weeks! It’s going to be busy, but fun! 

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