Rainy Evening on the Museum Campus

You guys! This family. I love them. We did pictures about the same time last year and lucked out with street closures for the marathon. The kids were hilarious and kept me laughing the whole time we were together. This year was no different. Well, the location was different, but the kids (and parents!) were just as awesome. We went to the museum campus and the weather kept threatening to ruin the session, but these four were such troopers. A lot of walking, and the rain just held off enough for us to get our session in. It’s really fun to take pictures of older kids because they have some great ideas, like:

  • “Hey! Let’s take one here with the flag in it!” Ok…Ok, I can do this if I just lay down on the ground.
  • “Hey, I totally hit this ball so hard it broke! I want to take a picture with it!” You got it kid.
  • “Look how high I can jump!”
  • “We brought our gloves to play catch!”

and so on. I love going with the flow of what kids want to do to see what happens. I think they would like seeing the pictures when they are delivered to see how their ideas came to be in the camera.

This is one of my favorite locations in the city and this family rocked it.

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