River Walk with Six

When my friend, and fellow local elementary school parent, asked me to take pictures of their family of six I was so excited. I had done a mini session with their family in the fall as part of a CPS fundraiser, and they were such a joy to photograph. There is so much love and happiness and just plain fun with these people. The kids are so close and it’s obvious immediately. They are always standing near each other, and hugging each other and laughing with each other. I love big families and this one especially is really fun to hang out with. Posed pictures with so many people usually works eventually but I had some great outtakes with these guys as you’ll see in some of the photos!

Our original plan was to meet at Foster Beach and get some beachy photos. I headed down there a little early, as I do, and realized it was really quite windy and wouldn’t be an ideal location especially since they wanted to focus on the baby who had just turned one. I called and mentioned the issue and since they had all four kids in the car and ready to go they asked for another location (as I have three kids, I realize that getting them into the car is more important than location). I have been running in River Park in Lincoln Square and knew of the butterfly path that is just west of the river on Lawrence Ave. I thought it might work, so I jumped in the car and met them there a few minutes later. This location was *perfect* and the bare trees were a perfect backdrop to this family’s bright clothes.

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your afternoon and capturing your amazing family.

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