Settling into a new routine

For the past year, I’ve been home more with all three kids than I haven’t been. During the school year my oldest daughter, Lucy, had been in full day school three days week,  and my younger two, Rocky and Veronica have been home with me. Then summer came, and all three were home all day, which was fun, but also, wow, there is zero downtime.

Now that school has started for the two older kids, my life is quite different. Number one is I have time to write this very blog post in the afternoon because sending Rocky to school in the mornings is so tiring he now naps again (thank you preschool!) and Veronica of course still takes an afternoon nap, and Lucy is in full day kindergarten.

So I can sit here and listen to ESPN radio (currently “The Bears aren’t as bad as we thought they’d be” seems like even though they lost they didn’t lose as bad as they could have and thus it’s basically a win), and work on some pictures and other than that…it’s quiet.

The morning starts with Veronica and I taking Lucy to school. We walk under the tracks on Campbell, which is fun because sometimes if you jump up and down and wave at the conductor (the kids…not me obviously), the conductor will honk the train horn, which then sends the kids into more jumping and screaming. Unfortunately the train conductor this morning was not fun and didn’t honk the horn. Damn. Maybe tomorrow.

It’s then a quiet morning while Veronica naps. Then she and I went for a walk and hung out in the plaza in Lincoln Square. Where we tasted things like leaves, benches and railings. Yum yum!

Followed by going to pick up Rocky at preschool where we caught them going for a nature walk down the block. Kid is doing ok in school I think. I worry about him a little bit because he can be a little bit stubborn, so we’ll see how it goes this year.

Home, for lunch and naps and coffee for mom. Then pick up Lucy from school, and then it’s off to take her to piano! Whew!!! Busy day. But fun.

Here’s some randomness from our day. I had to include this picture of Veronica with her nose all scrunched up laughing. I guess I made that exact same face when I was a kid. Which is weird. Also towards the end of our time in the square she finally got interested in the camera and tried to feed it some leaves. AND the picture of her standing! She did that for awhile. She’s so close to walking, but I think just has to trust herself now. She’ll stand and she’ll take a step, but that’s it. I imagine in the next couple of weeks she’ll be running (running away from her older brother!).

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