She’s going to Kindergarten

What. I mean what.

My “baby” is off to kindergarten in a week. How. What?

I know *I know* that so many parents pull that, “I just can’t believe how fast it’s going” But really? I mean how the hell did it go to fast. All of a sudden she’s off to Kindergarten. This baby (who looks a bit like her little sister)…how was she ever this small?!:

I’m talking about Kindergarten because we had to go to get Lucy’s vision screened in order to go and tomorrow she has her first meeting with her new teacher. It’s all going fast. She has been home with me all summer and it’s been awesome. She’s helpful. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s fun. I’m realizing that soon she’ll be gone all day, every day. And I’m just going to miss her. While we were walking towards the vision screening she did some “modeling” for me in her new CourtneyCourtney outfit. She has a closet full of her dresses, but I’m super digging this look. And she looks old rocking it. And cool as all get up.

She’s going to rock Kindergarten and I’m so excited for her! One more week!

I was walking behind her a little ways and I caught her doing this really funny marching, walk. Then she turned around and caught me taking her picture.


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