Snow! Finally! In March.

Living in Chicago we are used to getting snow in the December/January/February months. Of course a bit of snow frequently comes in March, but we have already had so much that it’s just another day. This year we’ve had a very easy and warm winter (literally no snow in January and February…for the first time ever) and so when a snow storm showed up in mid March, the kids were ecstatic….SNOW SNOW SNOW…MOMMY!!!!!!!! SNOWING!!! The parents were like, oh man, where are the gloves and the boots and the snow pants?

Luckily all were found (for all the kids!) and so off to school went Lucy and later in the morning I went for a walk with the littles. They were excited to find a “trail” down the alley so we decided to follow it. Yes the trail was a tire track from a car….but it didn’t stop their excitement. Rocky ate a “couple” handfuls of snow, and they eventually enjoyed the slides at the school playground. Slides are always more fun in the winter because they are super fast and you get to land in a pile of snow.

It was nice for one last snow even as we look forward to spring and summertime!


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