Some Courtney Courtney at Brookfield Zoo

My daughter is frequently sporting dresses that are designed by local artist CourtneyCourtney. These are dresses that are made from t-shirts she finds at thrift stores and then sewed into amazing colorful creations. I love them because in the end they are are t-shirt material and they are comfy for her to play in AND easy for us to take care of. I usually buy them a size big knowing they’ll fit her for many years. I think she’s still wearing one she got when she was 18months old and was a size 2 (it was huge on her) and now she wears it as a t-shirt with leggings. As kids grow super fast it’s so great to have clothing for her that lasts and can be worn for years.

She has recently started to design vests to go over the dresses which just ads more fun and more color in my opinion!


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