Soon there will be 5.

When Lucy was in daycare she met a friend named Teddy. Because the teachers called Lucy, “Loose MaGoose,” Teddy started calling Lucy, “Magoose.” Like he never called her Lucy. They were always good friends and while Lucy left that daycare we are still friends with the family. They moved closer to our house which is fun. While our kids won’t go to the same school most likely, each of our kids are almost all in the same grade. Teddy is a grade older than Lucy, but only missed being in her grade by a few days as he just made the September 1st cutoff that is in place in Chicago.

Their second son and our son Rocky will be in the same grade and Veronica and their soon to be baby #3 (a girl!) are only going to be a few months apart.

It’s so fun going on this more kids than parents journey with friends. What do you do when you are outnumbered? What do you do when they are all making you crazy? Although I don’t think that’s a multiple kid question as I’m an only child and I know I had my….let’s call them “moments” when I was a kid…I love you parental units!

We went to the North Park Village Nature Center (one of my very favorite places in this big city as you couldn’t feel farther away from the city when you are there and sometimes it’s so nice to be able to escape, to document their family as they stand at 4.

Megan and Aaron you have such a beautiful and fun family, thanks for letting me be a part of it. So excited for you guys as you prepare for the fun that is 3 kids. For us it’s a little bit crazy but a lotta bit fun and I have no doubt you’ll find the same thing.



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