That one time we got it together.

For Christmas this year we celebrated at my Aunt’s house the Sunday before Christmas rather than on Christmas afternoon. Meaning for the first time we’ll drive nowhere on Christmas day itself which will be different and relaxing. Hello nap time.

I wanted the kids to be a little dressed up and found them some clothes at Target that are, I’m sorry if I do say so myself, super freakin’ cute. Rocky looks like a little old man with his sharp hat and when I look at Lucy I can’t believe how old she looks. Then there is the third born who got stuck in an elf outfit. Sorry kiddo. Usually we are in normal clothes but we got it together for the family gathering. Lucy couldn’t have been more excited to wear this outfit. Seriously…who’s kid are you as the amount of pain my mother would go through to get me to wear a dress…..sorry mom!

With that I leave you these pictures of the kidlets. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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