That time the marathon helped….

…because it gave me crazy good choices for photographs!

I met up with this awesome family the morning of the Chicago marathon. After a few back and forths on location choices, we settled in on just meeting downtown. We walked by the marathon course which was perfect because when we started the session the last of the runners had just passed by. The street was still closed so we were able to get some pictures in the middle of the street which never would have happened otherwise. Good choice!

The older son (who is 8) was *hilarious*. We had a fun game going of him putting his hand in front of his face or hiding behind a tree and me trying to catch his *awesome* smile. I got him a few times, and to be honest the few where he’s still hiding behind his hand or the tree I find funny. The little sister (almost 5) had recently lost a tooth which she was as excited about as my 5 year old is about her missing teeth :).

The kids had a funny jumping contest at one point. “I can jump higher than her!!!” And game on.

We discussed the amazing Cubs season and the kids and I all agreed that Rizzo is a favorite although all agreed that Jake Arrieta was ridiculous and couldn’t lose (I hope this is true for tonight’s game!).

Because not every photo is “picture perfect”,  I just wanted to share this one below. Got three out of four, and little sister doing her best jump/run towards the photographer. I love this picture, because she was so cute during this series of photos. She’d stand still and then jump and run towards me, and then back to her family. It’s fun to catch the real moments among the posed ones.

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