The Baby is One

A year ago we welcomed the baby of the family to the family. You can read all about her arrival here: Veronica Rae My Own

Ok. Fine. It was a year and a few days ago….I am just posting a *few* days late.

It’s a little bit difficult. Even though I feel our family is completely complete, there is still a sadness in knowing we are celebrating the last of the firsts. The last of watching a kid learn to walk. The last of the first birthday party. And soon it’ll be the last of the first day of going to school. The last graduation.  While that’s exciting because #imsickofdiapers, it’s also a little sad because… well… #nomorebabies. It’s probably a total normal feeling (given that I’ve read more than a few “mommy” blogs about such feelings), and so we move forward.

Veronica is a pretty perfect kid. I mean she’s the baby so she gets a lot of passes. I’m sure this will drive my older kids crazy in the future, as I can already hear it, “Why does she get to do that and I didn’t!?!” Response, “Oh because she’s the baby!” I’m kidding. I wouldn’t do that…would I?

We threw a giant party for her and of course when you host a giant party you don’t actually have a chance to take any pictures. But we got a few iPhone pictures and videos. We sang happy birthday to her in our small dining room and all the people crowded around the cake and sang. In the picture, Veronica is behind the ring of kids…eh, her big sister blew the candle out for her. It’s fine. She then proceeded to devour a cupcake like a boss.

On Sunday, two days after her actual birthday, we went to the playground at the elementary school down the street (where Lucy goes to school) and took a few pictures. Veronica is crazy at the playground. She doesn’t seem to be scared of much. Already climbing most of the equipment available to her. It’s always funny to watch first time parents a centimeter from their kids, and this one is launching herself down the slide while I’m a few feet away. My motto tends to be, “She’s fine. Let her do it.”

She continues to be the best baby. I don’t know what we did right with her, but she’s happy 95% of the time (no one is happy when those goddamn molars come through…seriously…bleh), goes with the flow, deals with her siblings tackling her with as much grace as she can. And this face. I can’t even.

Lucy and Rocky continue to be thicker than thieves. The whole day on Sunday we didn’t really see the two of them. They played with play dough….played outside. Pretending I don’t know what, but they were in their own little world. After naps we went to the playground and they continued to play like champs. This is the walk we take to get to school.

“Lucy and Rocky come here and take a picture with your sister.”

“Ok mom!”


“Ok mom that’s good enough”

“Um. Ok.”

One and done is how we roll here. I better be ready!

Here she goes, up the climby thing, and then looks down the slide.

“What’s up mom. I don’t need any help with this.”

And as I hear the little miss crying upstairs, naptime seems to be “over” and by “over” I mean it didn’t really happen at all. And thus I must wrap this post up and get geared up for the rest of the afternoon!

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