The Chicago Cultural Center

Hey Chicago people…do you have kids? Are you tired of Winter? I know we are all getting a little tired of it.

Want your little ones to just run and run and run (and run)? And you can view beautiful rooms? And free?

Then go to the Cultural Center downtown.

It used to be the main Chicago Library. My dad has some descriptions of what it was like. It sounds wonderful. Big long wood tables to work on etc etc. The rooms are really unbelievable. I learned today that it was completed in 1897. What’s the most amazing thing about that is the building is in great shape. It doesn’t look all that old at all. I’m not sure if they’ve done restorations or anything.

Since it used to be the library there are a lot of design features which have library themes. Sad it’s still not the library. Although on the other hand my kids can go run around the great rooms and get some of that wiggles out of their bodies. So for that I appreciate the library’s move.

Here are some pictures I took (just with my iPhone) of the building and our time there today.

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