The Little Man gets his own thing

I want to apologize to my middle child. I’m an only and I don’t get the sibling  thing anyways, but it seems that he gets screwed a bit. Never old enough to do what his sister is doing but a lot of “don’t act like a baby” at the same time.

But now. Now. He gets to go to school! All. By. Himself. Without mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or his very most favorite person in the whole wide world, Lucy.

Lucy is everything right now to him. And it makes me sad that the teacher (yet…I realize he’s only been in school for two days), doesn’t see the level of play he can engage in with his sister. It’s really high level imagination, it’s A LOT of talking, a lot of back and forth. And it’s fun to watch. But when he gets into a crowd of other kids, he tends to get really quiet, and shuts down a little bit, I think it’s a case of being really overwhelmed. And it’s fair he should be overwhelmed as he’s been home with grandma or me for his entire life so the 18 3 and 4 year olds running around is a little bit of crazy for him.

He’ll get there. He’s super funny and super sweet and SUPER excited about school so he’ll get used to it and make his own friends all in good time.

Here he goes to school on the first day. And yes. That Elsa.

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